Tricia’s Story – 95 Pounds & Freedom

Tricia has broken the chains that kept her overweight.

She has lost 95 pounds over the last year, and more importantly she has found freedom.

Tricia Herman

Here’s her weight loss journey with the help of Trainer Joe’s:

For most of my life I have been over weight.  Then in December of 2014 I had surgery.  I was restricted in my activity so I could heal.  My weight began to increase very quickly.  One day I prayed that God would give me an answer, and God did answer my prayer the very next day in an email I received about Trainer Joe and the 21 Day Transformation program.

During the introductory meeting as Joe was presenting the program I really wondered what I had gotten myself into but I paid my money and started the program.   I quickly learned that it was about following these few rules that Joe had put into place for us to to succeed.  It was not always easy but Joe was there at the meetings and texting daily to give us encouragement or a kick in the pants, whichever seemed to be needed.

Besides following the rules, there are other advantages to the 21 Day Transformation program: doing the program with others for accountability and encouragement, daily Bible verses, and “Made to Crave” devotionals by Lysa Terkeurst.  All of these have been very helpful to me.

As time passed I saw the weight drop and I began to feel better.  I went from being pre-diabetic to not having problems with blood sugar.  I realized that the changes that I made are for a life time so I can stay healthy.  Also, I know there are some foods that I can never have again and it is okay!

In January I hit a bit of a slump.  I knew that I was following the rules but there was something missing.  Finally it came to me that I needed to figure out what my issues were with food.  I knew there were times I was just bored so I ate.  Easy fix, just figure out other things to fill my time, like walking.  As I continued to reflect on my life I realized that most of my food issues are because of stress and emotional emptiness.  Upon further reflection I saw that these two things were tied to the fact that I didn’t trust God to keep His promises.  So since I have come to understand this I give my life, my problems, my concerns, my fears and my hurts to God everyday!!  So now I don’t feel the need to self-medicate with food any more.  I encourage you to really look at yourself to find why you have food issues.  It will be helpful to the process. 

So here it is one year later and I have lost 95 pounds.  I am at my goal weight and I’m never going back.  As my weight has dropped, my trust in God has deepened and my relationship with God has gotten closer!!  I am thankful to God and to Trainer Joe for making this transformation possible.

Experience the change for yourself.

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