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It’s a story we’re all too familiar with: we want to lose weight but find ourselves mired in complicated methods, confusing science, and our own entrenched excuses. Trainer Joe Olliges is here to tell us that there is a way out, and it’s easier than we might think.
We need to eat less, he says. It really is that simple.
The key to living out this simple weight loss formula is realizing that we have all the willpower we need. It’s our beliefs that need to change. The reason we don’t eat less and lose weight is ultimately because we’re not convinced we need to.
In It’s Only Food, you’ll discover:
  • The key to losing weight without gaining it back
  • Why you’ll never lose the weight if you’re telling yourself this lie
  • How you can choose your own weight
  • Why eating healthier doesn’t guarantee weight loss
  • What you can do that makes it impossible NOT to lose weight
It’s Only Food is a refreshingly honest approach to weight loss that’s been used by thousands of clients to lose 20, 50, or 100 pounds or more. It will break you out of your apathy and put you on a path to weight loss and healthy living.