Phil Lowther’s New Found Health

Phil and his wife went through the 21 Day Transformation for the first time in November 2015.  Since then, they have kept themselves going in the direction they wanted and are now experiencing better health than they could have hoped for! Let Phil’s story speak for itself and inspire you on your own journey.


I am 48 years old and stand 5’ 11”. A year ago I weighed 245 lbs. Uncontrolled diabetes caused me to abruptly lose 17 lbs, and I was in pretty bad shape from a medical stand point. I had high blood pressure and had just been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

To put it in perspective, without medicine my blood pressure was 174/140 where average is 120/90. My blood sugar A1C was 9.7 where average is <5.4.

Fast forward to November 1, 2015… the holiday season was upon us, but I needed to make a serious lifestyle change so we found Trainer Joe and decided to give his 21 Day Transformation a shot. I weighed 228.6 lbs and was seriously out of shape. My goal was to “get healthy” and “lose weight.”  I assigned an end goal of 190 lbs as my ultimate goal weight.

The first 21 day transformation went really well. I didn’t lose as much weight as some of the others but I started to see real progress so when it was over I did another 21 day session. After the second round with Joe we had found the lifestyle changes that were working for us and that we could continue with.

Fast forward again to March 1, 2016. We kept following the formula that we learned from Joe. On 3/1/2016 I weighed in at 189.8 lbs. The fact that I hit my ultimate goal weight was NOT the exciting part. The best part was when I went in to see my doctor for my annual physical – she was blown away by the transformation! I am happy to say that my blood pressure medicine has been reduced to the LOWEST POSSIBLE dosage. (High blood pressure is hereditary for me), and I am COMPLETELY OFF of diabetes medication. My new A1C is 5.1 so I no longer have any issues with diabetes.

We are now back with Trainer Joe for the weekly Winner’s Circle Members meeting. Our goal now is to continue our journey and make sure that we have the tools to make these changes stick for life.

Phil at his goal weight of 190.

Phil at his goal weight of 190.

I am starting to lift weights again, and I’m no longer focused on my weight. I turn 49 on June the 8, and I will have abs by my birthday! Today I weigh 179.8 and I feel great.

I’ll also note that my wife has seen even better results than I have. She is off almost all her medications too, and she’ll share her story when she gets closer to her ultimate goal.

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