How can we serve you the best?

We will make a customized plan for you.

We offer a variety of individual programs, set up a personal assessment to get started.

Not looking to join a group?
Groups don’t work for schedule?
You just want something more personalized and individual?
No problem!

Schedule an individual assessment with Trainer Joe.

Get clarity for your 2020 vision!


Get more than just a consultation.  Get YOUR answers and develop a custom plan that meets your needs.

Trainer Joe’s 60 Minutes to a New Direction – with a Personal Assessment

In 60 minutes, Joe will listen to your situation, help you identify why you are where you are, and outline what it will take to get where you want to be. This is what Joe does best! 

Many people will need no more than this single session. Some may want or need further coaching. All will leave with a clear direction of what to do next.

No games, no products, no fluff. Just the truth.
Schedule a 60 minute assessment with Trainer Joe!  60 minutes to a new direction!

If you need more – Joe will help you decide if joining a group or if a more individualized option is best for you. Your $99  assessment will count toward the price of an individual transformation.



If you want further coaching, our individual coaching plans include features like:

  • Daily Counseling, coaching, and mentoring
  • Fitness coaching with custom workout sessions
  • Meal coaching sessions at local restaurants
  • Kitchen makeover
  • Grocery shopping

Prices on individual coaching programs vary. The price of your 60 minute assessment will count toward the individual program cost.