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Bring Trainer Joe in for a  Weight Loss Igniter Workshop.  In two to three hours Joe will motivate your group (company, conference, congregation) to make the changes they need to achieve the results they want.

Joe will deliver key tips and truths from his proven and successful 21 Day Transformation program. These truths are all you and your attendees need to change your health and therefore your life. A correct relationship with food corrects many other aspects of life.

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Healthy People Make for Healthy Business



I offer various other options to help your business by transforming the health of your employees.

An integral part of any successful business is its employees. Healthy, productive employees who use few sick days can make a big difference in the workforce. Many businesses take advantage of health and wellness programs, which strive to help employees set goals for their well being and encourage them to monitor health-related factors such as blood pressure, cholesterol and weight… Continue reading

My program has proven to deliver results and change lives. 

The average weight loss during the 21 Day Transformation is 11 pounds.  Hundreds of people have lost 1000’s of pounds.  Many of my clients have been taken off of medication for blood pressure, diabetes, and more.

How much could those results benefit your audience?

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