Healthy Business Needs Healthy People

An integral part of any successful business is its employees. Healthy, productive employees who use few sick days can make a big difference in the workforce. Many businesses take advantage of health and wellness programs, which strive to help employees set goals for their well being and encourage them to monitor health-related factors such as blood pressure, cholesterol and weight. Joe Olliges, owner and operator of Trainer Joe’s, offers a unique approach[…]

Dr. Rich’s Story – Finally The Thing that Works

After Trying it all, Dr. Rich found answers, hope, and transformation with Trainer Joe’s. He lost 22 pounds during his 21 Day Transformation and has continued to lose weight and experience better health since then. Here’s his weight loss journey with the help of Trainer Joe’s: Epiphany I remember being excited about seeing my professional video interview on “No Drop Cataract Surgery” debuting on a web‐based segment entitled “Hot Topics”. I was sharing some revolutionary new information that would reach a national audience of eye care practitioners and knew this was going to impact how cataract surgery would be managed for many years to come. I remember receiving the edited version by email before it was about to be released. I was asked to review it and give final approval. When I started watching the interview, I was mortified. For me, it no longer mattered how well I did in delivering the message. It was no longer about the impact this revolutionary technique would have on our industry. All I could focus on was how morbidly obese I had become. How had I[…]

Phil Lowther’s New Found Health

Phil and his wife went through the 21 Day Transformation for the first time in November 2015.  Since then, they have kept themselves going in the direction they wanted and are now experiencing better health than they could have hoped for! Let Phil’s story speak for itself and inspire you on your own journey. I[…]

Sandy’s Story – Full of Energy

Sandy went through her transformation in February. Now, 3 months later, she is still on track and reaping the benefits of her improved health. Sandy Lost 13 Pounds in 23 Days “For those asking why I needed to lose weight – 13 pounds does make a difference. I can’t say enough good things about Trainer[…]

Doug Durrick – 50 Pounds Later!

Doug Durick is down 50 pounds! Doug and his wife went through the Trainer Joe’s 21 Day Transformation in January 2016.  He lost 17 pounds during the program and has kept going strong since! Doug is working hard at staying on track.  His doctor is very impressed with his product and consequently has drastically reduced[…]

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